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Learn Native American Languages

Learn some Northern Cheyenne or Crow words with this interactive program!

Coloring Book

The Between Rims & River coloring book will introduce you to people, places, and events that shape our lives and community today. Enjoy!

Billings, Montana turned 125 years old in 2007.  Yet we know people lived in this area  for thousands of years. In some cases, they left their stories in the form of paintings on rock walls. In some instances, we have seen the photographs, artifacts, letters, diaries and books. In other cases, we have heard stories told by elders, parents, grandparents, and other family members. All of these stories are reflected in our city’s history. 


Flags Activity

The flag activity page describes the U.S. flag and three of Montana’s American Indian tribal flags: the Crow Nation, the Northern Cheyenne and the Chippewa Cree. These are the three tribes that the Western Heritage Center worked with to produce educational materials, exhibits and an oral history archive collection, through its American Indian Tribal History Project. 

Kids learn that people choose the symbols, pictures and colors that are meaningful to them as a country or a tribe when creating a flag that represents them. This idea is then taken one step further, and the child is encouraged to think about their own life and choose the symbols, pictures and colors that are important to them to create their own flag.

Architecture Scavenger Hunt

Print out the Architecture Scavenger Hunt and bring it to the museum on your next visit. 

Exhibit-Specific Materials

Utilize this Teacher Resource Guide prior to your visit to the Western Heritage Center. This guide will provide you with activities, curriculum suggestions and instructions to share with your students.

Teacher Resource Guide


Treasure Hunts: *Currently being updated. Please check back soon.

I Spy! Treasure Hunt (appropriate for pre-school students)

I Spy! Treasure Hunt (appropriate for students K-3)

I Know! Treasure Hunt (appropriate for students 4+)


Other Supplementary Activities:

Calamity Jane Coloring Page

Brand Activity

Heart Puzzle

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