Crow Nation Educational DVDs

DVD 1: The Creation, Origin, Separation and Migration of the Crow Nation
DVD 1 covers the creation story, origins, separation and migration of the Crow people.  While there are many scientific theories of how the American Indian came to the North American continent, the Crow have their own origin stories.  As the Crow people migrated west, they settled in the Missouri River area, living for a time with the Hidatsa Indians in the region now known as North Dakota.  Eventually, two bands left the Hidatsa and moved further west, seeking a land promised in a vision to one of the leaders.   

DVD 2: This Is Crow Country 
DVD 2 discusses historic landmarks in the mountains and the rivers of Crow Country. It includes landmarks in the Wolf Mountains, the Big Horn Mountains, the Pryor Mountains, the Beartooth Mountains, Crazy Mountains and the Absarokee Mountains.  It also discusses landmarks along the Yellowstone River, and the Little Bighorn River, the Bighorn River, the Wind River, the Missouri River and the Musselshell River.

DVD 3: Leaders of the Crow Nation, 1400-2005
DVD 3 discusses leadership in the Crow Nation from 1400 to 2005. It covers tribal leadership before the establishment of reservations and current tribal leaders and tribal structures of the Crow Nation. WE will discuss how chiefs attained their status. We discuss the early reservation tribal leaders and government. We will cover the post-reservation tribal leaders and government, the chairmen of the Crow Nation and hear from current Chairman Carl Venne.

DVD 4: Warrior Societies, Law & Order, and Dance Societies of the Crow Nation
This is an educational program about the Warrior Societies, Law and Order, and Dance Societies of the Crow Nation.  We cover the ranks in the societies and how the Crow males rose in position.  We will cover how the Warrior Societies enforced the behavior and discipline of Crow society.  We discuss the post-reservation warriors, post-reservation law and order, and contemporary law and order. We will also discuss the Dance Societies of the Crow Nation.

DVD 5: The Clan System,
CampCriers, and Social Gatherings of the Crow Nation
This is an educational program about the Clan System, CampCriers and Social Gatherings of the Crow Nation. We will define the clan names, and discuss the roles of the matrilineal line, the patrilineal line, and teasing cousins, and their roles. We discuss the camp criers, the heralds of the Crow Nation. We cover give aways during clan day, at birthday parties, child naming ceremonies, celebrations, homecoming for soldiers and clan feeds for prayers. 

CD: Crow Nation Teachers' Resource Guide K-12
The Teachers' Resource Guide CD is a companion piece to the Crow educational DVD set. The Teacher's Resource Guide is intended for use by K-12 grade teachers, and includes an introduction to each program; biographical information on the people appearing in each program; an outline with the running time of each section within each program; video transcripts with text covering each program; grade-appropriate lesson plan suggestions written by teachers, and printable maps, diagrams and other art.

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