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 Northern Cheyenne Educational DVDs

DVD 1:  The Cheyenne Creation Story
DVD 1 includes Cheyenne creation stories of the four spirits (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast), the creation of Earth, also known as Mud Hen, the seasons, and the first Cheyenne man and woman.  It also includes an early creation story known as “The Great Race” and tells how creation is preserved in two major ceremonies, the Arrow Renewal Ceremony and the Sundance Ceremony.

DVD 2:  The Origin of the Tsistsistas
DVD 2 covers the origin of the Tsistsistas and discusses Sweet Medicine, the prophet of the Cheyenne people and Bear Butte, the location where Sweet Medicine received the ways of the Cheyenne people which he then brought back.  Those ways include the  Sacred Arrows Covenant, the Cheyenne Council of Forty-four and various tribal societies. 

DVD 3:  The Origin of the Suhtaio
This educational program covers the origin of the Suhtaio; Erect Horns, a prophet of the Cheyenne people; BlackMountain - (the site where he received the teachings for the Suhtaio); and the teachings he brought to the Cheyenne people, which include the Sacred Hat Covenant and the Sundance Ceremony. 

DVD 4:  The Separation and Migration of the Cheyenne
This educational program covers the separation and migration of the Cheyenne, which includes the 10 tribal bands; the final separation of the Northern Cheyenne and Southern Cheyenne as a result of the treaties; acts that have affected the Northern Cheyenne; and the coming home of Chief Dull Knife and Chief Little Wolf.

DVD 5:  Cheyenne Leadership
This educational program covers the Cheyenne leadership, which includes the transition of leadership, beginning with Chiefs and Societies through the present-day tribal government that was established with the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, also known as the Wheeler-Howard Act; the Bureau of Indian Affairs; the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Constitution of 1935; the Northern Cheyenne Constitutional Amendments of 1960 and 1995; the Northern Cheyenne Reservation Districts; and the co-existence of traditional and contemporary leadership. 

CD:     Northern Cheyenne Tribe Teachers' Resource Guide K-12
The Teachers' Resource Guide CD is a companion piece to the Crow educational DVD set. The Teachers' Resource Guide is intended for use by K-12 grade teachers, and includes an introduction to each program; biographical information on the people appearing in each program; an outline with the running time of each section within each program; video transcripts with text covering each program; grade-appropriate lesson plan suggestions written by teachers, and printable maps, diagrams and other art.

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