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The Western Heritage Center offers educational materials for classroom teachers designed to expand student understanding of regional history. 


Exhibit-Specific Materials

Utilize this Teacher Resource Guide prior to your visit to the Western Heritage Center.  This guide will provide you with activities, curriculum suggestions and instructions to share with your students.

Teacher Resource Guide 

Treasure Hunts: *Currently being updated. Please check back soon.

I Spy! Treasure Hunt (appropriate for pre-school students)

I Spy! Treasure Hunt (appropriate for students K-3) 

I Know! Treasure Hunt (appropriate for students 4+)


Other Supplementary Activities:

Calamity Jane Coloring Page

Brand Activity

Heart Puzzle

Native American Resources

The American Indian Tribal Histories Project educational DVDs cover some of the culture and history of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indian tribes in Montana from the individual tribal members' perspectives.  Each set of DVDs includes tribal members speaking on a variety of topics.  The DVDs can be used by individuals, families, classroom teachers and others who want to learn more about these tribes.   

We’ve worked extensively with teachers to develop lesson plans that allow materials to be easily and accurately incorporated into current curriculum.  Each set of educational programs includes a Teacher Resource Guide that contains sample lesson plans for multiple grade levels and printable images such as diagrams, photographs, and maps.  

DVD Order Form
Lesson plans are organized by tribe, segment number and grade level. Each lesson plan lists the Montana State Content Standards addressed in that lesson, objectives,  preset activities, procedures for input and activities, closure or post-viewing activities and possible extension activities.